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Mini Cliques



Here are some mini cliques for you. Join for free.

Enter Signs

enter perfume

This is the prettiest enter sign ever! Credit the Ego Box.


download sprout smilies       download panda package       download bottle bop

Here are several smiles I use. Free to download if you wish. Design for download button inspired by Lucid Dreams.

Myumi Bounce

myumi_bounce_by_jadelandThanks for the adorable avatar to Jadeland happy You should check it out, it’s really cute! WordPress is okay, but alot of the codes i want to use don’t work with this. It’s okay I guess, but the Radioblogclub music player is pretty sweet, so that was crap crappish Reports are coming out. Me, Meori, and Os  are partners in this music group thing, and since Os is “musically challenged”, this is going to be a looooong project sad Still, Meori is pretty good at identifying pitches. Believe it or not, the music teachers are taking this thing really seriously. We’re supposed to be presenting them in two months, with drums and guitar and everything. Os can play drums, Meori can sing, and I play guitar. Just because Os plays drums doesn’t necessarily mean that he can use notes.  I’m really hoping for this one.enthralled  

luvya guys, summer hppy


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